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Practical Tips to Encourage Your Elderlies to Drink More


Dehydration is common among the elderly population. According to an article in the Journal of Gerontological Nursing, dehydration affects 20% to 30% of older adults and has negative outcomes in this population, increasing risks of mortality, morbidity, and disability.

The physiological changes that come with aging are the main drivers of dehydration at their age. This includes a diminishing sense of thirst, having less water in their bodies, and just not having a good drinking habit to begin with.

Fortunately, as a provider of home care services in Danbury, Connecticut at Health Caregivers, we have known that there are easy and practical ways we as family members and loved ones can take on to get them to drink more. Check out the following:

  • Make drinks more visible

    Place a glass in areas where your senior loved ones usually stay. Without a visual reminder to drink more water, hydrating can be difficult.

  • Change strategies when reminding them

    Reminding them too often or too strongly can discourage them from drinking more. Try doing a gentler approach or using humor to get them to drink more.

  • Welcome other liquids

    Plain water is best but it can get boring, especially if your senior loved one has a sweet tooth. Try switching or mixing it up–offer them juice once in a while or mix in milk or flavoring on their drinks.

Need help making sure these strategies stick? Our assisted living services can help.

Choose among different care options, ranging from angel visits minimum of 4 hours to 12-hour day or 12-hour night shifts, delivered by your own personal caregiver in Putnam, County for your needs. Call us for more information.

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