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Dealing With Sleep Disruptions and Changes


Aging can cause disruptions or changes in one’s sleeping patterns. Most seniors find themselves having a hard time falling asleep. Some may easily awaken in the middle of the night. For aging adults, the recommended sleep time remains to be 7 to 8 hours per night. Sleep must never be compromised especially among seniors.

Part of caregiving for seniors is helping them deal with all the changes that come with aging. Our trusted caregiver in Putnam, County may be the assistance you need in addressing these changes.

Sleep difficulty can lead to more serious health problems. It can result in confusion, depression, and other mental and physical changes. However, with proper guidance and care, a senior can reduce these risks by getting enough sleep. Before going to bed, a senior may have a light bedtime snack, such as warm milk. This contains a natural sedative-like amino acid that can relax one’s muscles and nerves, eventually leading to sleepiness.

It is also best to avoid alcohol, coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate before bedtime. Seniors must also do moderate exercise regularly during the day. Avoiding too much stimulation, such as violent TV shows, computer games, and the use of cellular phones before bedtime is also helpful. Finally, going to bed at the same time every night will help seniors wake up at the same time each morning, preventing interruptions during mid-sleep.

Some seniors may experience anxiety and worry during the day which causes them to fall asleep harder. To address this, our home care services in Danbury, Connecticut can help them by doing personal care, companionship services, and household tasks.

Through assisted living or home care services, seniors need not worry. By worrying less, sleep comes in easy. Call Health Caregivers today to know more!

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